Letters: Republican tax plan benefits the rich

Contributed To The Press • Nov 2, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Congressman Phil Roe’s hypocrisy is simply stunning, but should come as no surprise given his deep partisanship, which overrides any basis in truth or morality. After nattering on for years about budget deficits and the national debt, he voted on Oct. 26 for a budget that will increase the national debt by over $1.5 trillion while doling out huge tax cuts to the wealthy and increasing taxes on the middle class.

He voted for a plan that cuts 401(k) contributions to $2,400 per year, which is not a problem for him because he gets a retirement mostly paid for by you and me. All this after helping major corporations cut defined benefit retirement plans and killing unions.

Surprisingly, however, Roe is not even the worst member of Congress representing Tennessee. That honor surely goes to U.S. Rep. Diane Black, who is quoted as saying that being worth between one to ten million dollars is not rich and that these people need to be protected in the Republican tax plan.

I guess to her that is not rich since she is worth an estimated $75 million, but to most East Tennesseans, that qualifies as wealthy and it is not too much to ask for them to pay more in taxes because they have benefited the most from the skewed economy of the past 20 years.


Johnson City

He will be missed

The state of Tennessee, Washington County and the city of Johnson City recently lost a great man with the passing of Jack Seaton. Many of the good things he did were public knowledge, such as serving on the state Election Commission and other public projects.

However, many things he did were not known and Jack wanted it that way because he did not seek fame.

As you pass the Boys & Girls Club on West Market Street in Johnson City and see the building and the numerous youngsters participating in so many programs, just think that it might not be there had it not been for Jack and few others who helped to move the club to that location. He also got numerous people involved in the club with both their money and their time.

Jack did so many other things that there is not space or time to list them all. I will, as many of his other friends, miss him. May he rest in peace.


Johnson City



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