Letters: Constitution protects us from lawlessness

Contributed To The Press • Oct 22, 2017 at 12:00 AM

President Donald Trump did not decide to end the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program. In a republic there is a legislative body that is tasked with making laws and there is a Constitution to guarantee that we are a land of laws. Trump, Obama, and our courts agree that DACA is an unconstitutional law because it was not made by Congress.

Our president has now passed the responsibility to Congress where it belongs. He has given a time limit because our current Congress has a reputation of not getting things done.

When an oligarchy makes its own laws, we have surrendered the republic and given up on the one form of government that can protect our freedoms. Congress is free to turn DACA into law. It could also turn it into a conditional law for only those now here and requiring conditions to be met. Members of Congress should honor their responsibility to the Constitution and their constituents.

The concept of democracy was developed in ancient Greece. The Greeks tried to make it work, but found that a majority would gang up on smaller groups and deny their freedoms. Eventually it evolved into chaos and an oligarchy that denied most of them their freedoms.

Those who honor unconstitutional laws are promoting a lawless form of government. They risk your freedom. Even the president of East Tennessee State University encourages our young minds to support lawlessness. Compassion is important, but it should never outweigh logic.


Johnson City


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