Letters: Keeping Boone Lake free of pollution

Contributed To The Press • Oct 13, 2017 at 12:00 AM

Your article on Boone Lake Association is incorrect in stating that the Boone Lake Association is a homeowners association. We are and have been since the 1980s a non-profit association with it’s mission to keep Boone Lake free from water pollution and trash of all forms.

Washington County Mayor Dan Eldridge used this term (homeowners association) incorrectly. He should become more aware of our existence and mission. We did furnish him with several informative letters and a copy of our quarterly publication, The Shoreliner. Go to our web page at boonelakeasssociation.org to learn more.

Secondly, the payments made annually to Washington and Sullivan counties by the Tennessee Valley Association were for economic impact from the Boone Dam repairs. Washington County has used TVA monies to balance its budget. Isn’t this misappropriation of funds so directed to them from the TVA? We have yet to learn where Sullivan County has spent its $863,000.

Everyone is missing the bIg picture. Our beautiful Boone Lake will be polluted with trash and logs within three to six months if we are not able to continue our services past Dec. 31. The lake will become an environmental and safety hazard.

We have been successfully doing these services for over 30 years with the financial support of private citizens, 20 to 30 businesses and contributions from Johnson City and Washington County. Our two- to three-man crew works Monday through Friday for 50 weeks a year. This is team dedication.


Board Member

Boone Lake Association

 No plan in sight

City Commissioners need to explain to taxpayers what they plan to do with the old Hands On! Museum building.. All they have said is they might buy it and then hope someone buys it from them. That is not a plan.

The building needs to be appraised and an architect hired to evaluate the condition of the old building. The architect should also estimate the cost to bring the building up to code and what it would cost to repair or replace such things as the roof, foundation and exterior walls that might need immediate attention.

For years city management and city commissioners have stated that keeping the museum in downtown Johnson City was essential to redeveloping the downtown area. Now, they are buying the old building to allow the museum to move to Gray. Why not let the Hands On! Museum board hire a realtor to sell the building? City Hall doesn’t need to speculate on an old downtown building.

Put the building back on the tax rolls through a sale to a developer. I’ve had enough of giveaway tax deals like NN Inc.that don’t work out and cost the public.


Johnson City

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