Letters: Trump is a hypocrite on DACA

Contributed To The Press • Sep 21, 2017 at 12:00 AM

In response to the Question of the Week about Trump’s executive action on DACA, I agree with major faith organizations (including evangelical leadership), 78 percent of Americans, the leadership of major businesses (including Amazon and Microsoft who have joined the lawsuit to preserve DACA filed by 16 state attorneys general so far) and even Tennessee’s attorney general that Obama’s executive order should be preserved. DACA has already survived court challenges about its constitutionality.

It is embarrassing to read that our congressional leadership are trying to defend Trump’s wishy-washy executive order. It’s dishonest to pretend that Trump’s punt to Congress to fix DACA within six months is anything but a way for him to sidestep responsibility.

Both House and Senate Republican majorities have consistently blasted Obama for his executive action to protect deserving young illegal immigrants brought here as children (enacted in 2012 only after Senate Republicans filibustered the Dream Act passed by the House). Although Congress could have acted legislatively to abolish, amend or approve it, they just grumbled. They do not welcome Trump’s pushing this on them to solve during an election year, and it’s dishonest to suggest they do.

Trump makes a laughable claim that he is doing this because “we are a nation of laws.” This from a man who shows no respect for the law as evidenced by his despicable pardon of the cruel and criminal former Sheriff Joe Arpaio.


Johnson City

Defend the Constitution

Yes, President Trump should put DACA in the hands of Congress. Obama’s end-run around Congress was not constitutional in the first place. If the left-wing could read the Constitution, they would come to the same conclusion that any sane person would.

All the left wants to do is criticize the president with all the silly conspiracy theories while it offers no solutions to any of the problems with immigrants unless it is to offer immunity to all illegal aliens. It’s about time that we fight for the Constitution.



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