Three Johnson City plant swap dates scheduled for 2017

Tony Casey • Apr 20, 2017 at 10:42 AM

For many years, the plant swap held when Mize Farm & Garden was in Johnson City was a popular way for area gardeners and earth-minded people to trade what they grow.

After the garden supply store closed that location, the swap went with it.

Now, Johnson City’s Vaughn W. Reaves, who works at Mize in Gray, is reviving the popular event, giving people a way to get new plants without having to break out their wallets. It will take place in the parking lot at Roddy’s Flowers on South Roan Street.

“People really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet fellow gardeners and the chance to get starts of new plants for free,” he said.

Reaves said it was fun to watch not-so-common plants get swapped among gardeners. He recalls a Japanese maple seedling that was a hot-ticket item several years ago.

He’ll be bring his own maple seedlings to this year’s events, which are scheduled for the last Saturdays in April, May and September, all beginning at 10 a.m. Because of the somewhat competitive — but friendly — nature of the event, it will begin directly at the 10 a.m. hour.

Plants, seeds, cutting and bulbs are all welcomed to be traded among the participants.

Getting the opportunity to talk shop and socialize with like-minded people is another positive of the plant swap, the re-organizer said.

Along with maples, Reaves will bring irises to trade with the others.

When the move was made to the new location in Gray, only about eight people showed up for the plant swap — after seeing as many as nearly 40 in its prime — so it had to go away. Even though the Mize location is no longer in Johnson City, Reaves said it’s a popular event for the the city and expects those garden-minded people to show up and swap with their green-thumbed friends.

More information about the plant swap can be found by emailing Reaves at [email protected]

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