Five questions with Jonesborough Celebration of Trees organizer, Amber Crumley

Jonathan Roberts • Updated Dec 16, 2019 at 6:26 PM

A “Jonesborough girl” through-and-through, Amber Crumley does what she can to showcase her town and bring people in to visit.

This month that means highlighting the town’s Celebration of Trees, which features 51 live trees fully decorated by local businesses and organizations. Outside of her job managing the town’s Visitors Center, she’s a big-time traveler with a husband and a 9-year-old child. 

Crumley has been with the town for 12 years, and has, in a way, taken over the Celebration of Trees, turning it from a small event to one that has more tree locations than they did trees in total when she first started.  

Crumley briefly: 

Favorite place you’ve traveled to: Iceland

One place you want to visit: The Maldives 

Favorite color: Green

Favorite holiday drink: Egg nog

Favorite downtown Jonesborough shop: Mauk’s of Jonesborough

Note: Answers have been edited for length and clarity.

How did get involved with the Celebration of Trees? 

Well, when I was first hired by Jonesborough, I was the tourism and marketing director and I took it on then. It was already an established event we had every year, but it wasn’t something we advertised or pushed, it was just here. We would have maybe 10 or 12 trees and we had a lot of people come to it, but because of the space it limited what we could do. A few years ago I started working with the merchants and figuring out where we could put trees and this year we have 51 trees in 21 locations!

What’s your favorite part about the celebration of trees? 

Working with the different non-profits and civic organizations and having them represented here. I think that’s the great thing about the six trees we have in the Visitors Center, they’re all sponsored and decorated by nonprofit civic organizations. It’s really fun working with those different groups. 

Do you have a favorite tree, and if so, why? 

I have to be honest, my favorite tree is always the Tuesday Garden Club tree. They hand make all their ornaments themselves and they use a lot natural elements, which I really like on a tree. I feel like the lights is about the most fancy thing I like on a tree, so I like the more natural decorations and the fact that they kind of go collect these items for their tree, it’s kind of a reuse of them and they do something like that every year. 

What’s it like being a town employee during the holiday season with Christmas in Olde Jonesborough and so many events happening? 

You’re very absorbed in Christmas activities in town that’s for sure and you don’t get any Christmas shopping done until the Monday after those are done. But it’s a lot of fun, this past Saturday we had over 700 people here for “Fun With Frosty and Friends” and it’s just great to see all these kids come in. The events give people a full day in Jonesborough and I think one of the exciting things is offering that to people and giving them a reason to come downtown for the season. 

What’s your favorite part of the holiday season in Jonesborough? 

One of my favorite things are the progressive dinner and tour of homes; I think that’s really a lot of fun and as a participant I think those would be the events I would love the most and I really like working with those civic organizations, I really like partnering up with them and planning events with them. It’s also very rewarding because you can turn around and kind of give back to them and it kind of brings everything in the community full-circle I feel like. 

For more information about the Celebration of Trees or Jonesborough’s other holiday events, visit www.jbochristmas.com or call 423-753-1010. The Celebration of Trees continues until Dec. 27. 

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