Sequoyah Council launches campaign to improve Camp Davy Crockett

Brandon Paykamian • Updated Apr 18, 2018 at 11:11 PM

WHITESBURG – Camp Davy Crockett has been a centerpiece for the Sequoyah Council Boy Scouts of America since 1972, and during that time, the camp has gone through a lot of changes and renovations — much of it with the support of community fundraisers.

On Wednesday afternoon, the camp invited members of the community to get a taste of the types of activities and amenities available at the campgrounds, which included ziplining and archery.

But to ensure the camp remains a premier outdoor destination for Scouts across the region, the Council announced its Let’s Get It Growing campaign, which aims to raise additional funds for the camp’s infrastructure and recreational needs. The fundraising campaign will officially begin Saturday, April 21.

“We need an additional $1.8 million to complete the dining hall and the remainder of major projects we have to do,” Field Director Royce Fox said Wednesday.

The camp is now getting set for the second phase of major construction after building new cabins and pavilions across the site. The new cabins, according to Fox, were built to help accommodate more Scouts and allow for more year-round activities at the campgrounds.

“The Adirondack cabins were built as part of phase one, and we’ve put campsite pavilions in each of our 11 campsites,” Fox said.

“It’s a very active place in the course of the summer, and once it opens in June, we are very busy,” Fox added. “There’s going to be thousands of people coming through here in an eight-week period.”

The second construction phase will include building a new dining hall, road improvements and additional Adirondack cabins. Funds will also go toward ski boats, paddle boards, ovens for the new dining hall and developing a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Center at the camp.

David Page, CEO of the Sequoyah Council, said he hopes the developing renovations will help attract more Scouts to come enjoy the outdoor experience offered at the camp for years to come.

And Page has a lot of future plans for the 1,800-acre camp.

“Phase one of our campaign put us in a position to start tackling some critical needs, and this next step is the natural evolution of our effort to sustain the camp for the next 25 to 30 years,” he said of the fundraiser.

“We’ve got a lot of plans. ATV trails would be ideal to have, but it all takes resources, and the beauty of it is what you see here today is bought and paid for,” Page added. “We’re going to move forward in the right direction and raise more resources, but we need community involvement to make that happen, and we can’t do it without their support.”

For more information about the Sequoyah Council or their Let’s Get It Growing campaign, visit www.scbsa.org or www.letsgetitgrowing.com, or call 423-952-6961.

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