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Christmas Gift Ideas for the Women in Your Family

By Johnny Molloy • Dec 10, 2017 at 7:15 AM

After four years of being married to my wife Keri Anne (and having my mother-in-law Eve Sherwood), I feel like I have this Christmas gift giving down pat. Just because Keri Anne doesn’t exactly like the idea of getting a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate it down the line when the rugs need a little once over. I decided to get Eve a broom for Christmas in case she needed one.

The real problem is I think Keri Anne and Eve are in cahoots at trying to get better Christmas gifts. The other day Eve asked me to come over, that she had something for me to read. I thought it would be an interesting book but instead she handed me a jewelry catalog with specific rings, necklaces, and bracelets circled in red ink, with the word “Eve” written by some choices and “Keri Anne” by other choices.

Did I fall for that? No! Instead, I left Eve’s house and made a beeline for Mahoneys where I would find a suitable present to offset the practical gifts of the vacuum cleaner and broom. The first thing that caught my eye was this cool new water filter made by Grayl. This filter gets rid of not only bacteria and protozoa but also kills viruses in the water. It is lightweight and only costs $55. Nobody wants to get sick from bad water.

Being a constant traveler I noticed some lightweight and packable towels by Sea to Summit. They come in various sizes and even have a small rubber case in which to carry the towels, perfect for backpacking, camping, or a trip around the world. Prices range from $11 to $27, and make an ideal stocking stuffer. Nobody wants to take a shower or swim in a stream and no have a towel for drying off.

One great way to make an adventure happen is to buy the map for a particular place. You start looking at the map, then start dreaming and next thing you are on an adventure. Mahoneys has a wide range of maps for parks and forests all across the US. Two maps of the Cherokee National Forest best service our area: National Geographic map #782, French Broad and Nolichucky Rivers. This map has roads, trails, campgrounds and more of the Cherokee National Forest south of the Tri-Cities.

Its companion is National Geographic Map #783, South Holston and Watauga Lakes, and is of the Cherokee National Forest north and east of the Tri-Cities. These maps only cost $11.95. Nobody wants to get lost in the woods.

I wondered which of the above gifts to get for my mother in law. I wasn’t going to get her (or Keri Anne) the jewelry they had circled in the jewelry store catalog. It would be admitting my practical gifts for them were a bad idea. However, I knew they would continue to be mad at me if I didn’t get them something else.

Therefore, I decided to take Eve and Keri Anne to Mahoneys then casually follow them through the store to see what they liked, then purchase the gifts later. On second thought, maybe I do need a little help finding Christmas gifts for my wife and mother-in-law.

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