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Today in Johnson City History: April 10

Rebecca Henderson and Johnson City Press • Apr 10, 2020 at 10:00 AM

April 10, 1910: The Johnson City Comet reported that Halley’s Comet had recently been sighted in Cape Town, Union of South Africa.

April 10, 1935: By action of the state legislature, the Teachers College avoided a shutdown, according to the Johnson City Press. The Teachers College is now known as East Tennessee State University.

April 10, 1955: The Johnson City Press-Chronicle reported that rich uranium deposits had been discovered in Johnson County.

April 10, 1959: Formal charges of alleged misconduct had been brought against Police Chief P.E. Broyles, dating back to Thanksgiving of 1957. Dewey Daniels Jr., a former Johnson City policeman, charged Broyles with “comporting himself with the wife of a known bootlegger over a period of six months and of being seen with the woman at 10:30 p.m. on April 4 on the property of Happy Valley High School.” Daniels later became a notorious criminal and escaped from jail. He was never found.

April 10, 1963: Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" started at the Majestic Theatre on East Main Street in downtown Johnson City.

April 10, 1963: A meal of aspirin led to a hospital stay, as 2-year-old Eddie Allen Gentry found out. The child, son of Mr. and Mrs. Garland Lee Gentry, had eaten an unknown amount of aspirin, had spent a night in Memorial Hospital and had been recently discharged, none the worse for his experience.

April 10, 1969: The choral department of Science Hill High School presented the first of three performances of "The Music Man" in the auditorium under the direction of Rodney Sturtz.

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