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Today in Johnson City History: April 1

Rebecca Henderson and Johnson City Press • Apr 1, 2020 at 3:30 AM

April 1, 1893: The Comet opined, “This is ‘All Fool’s Day’, but of course nobody will contend for it exclusively.”

April 1, 1923: The Johnson City Daily Staff presented this, presumably in honor of April Fool’s Day: “A traveler called at a Paris hotel and inquired what the rates were. ‘Thirty francs for a room on the first floor, twenty francs for the second, and ten francs for the third,’ said the proprietor. The traveler thanked him, and turned to go. ‘Doesn’t that please you?’ asked the hotel proprietor. ’Yes, your prices are all right,’ said the traveler, ‘but your hotel isn’t high enough.’”

April 1, 1938: The Chalk Line, a publication of East Tennessee State College, reported that Kyle Dyer was the editor of The Buccaneer, the student yearbook that year. Mr. Dyer was from Greene County, and was an industrial arts major.

April 1, 1948: A major fire in downtown Johnson City had apparently originated in the Burr Harrison Studios at 219 East Main Street. A number of other businesses were damaged by smoke and water, including the Carl H. King Company, Goldstein’s, the Hollywood Shop, and the Southern Shoe Store.

April 1, 1956: "Picnic" starring William Holden and Kim Novak began a run at the Sevier Theatre on Spring Street in downtown Johnson City.

April 1, 1958: The Johnson City Press-Chronicle advised, “Certain styles ought to carry an age limit – ‘For girls under 25,’ or ‘For women under 40’, or “not under any condition to be worn by anyone under 18.’” It seems that the styles most under scrutiny were pants for worn by women.

April 1, 1964: Policemen John Robinson and D.H. Byrd were pictured in the Johnson City Press-Chronicle 20 half-gallon jars of moonshine seized from a home on West Market Street.

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