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Personal's annual time recording book for railway employees, 1949

Bob Cox • Mar 30, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Eleven Years Old … and Still Growing

From a few thousand copies in 1938 to nearly half a million copies in 1949 – that's how the “Time Recording Book” for Railroaders has grown.

And We're Glad! For the “Time Book” was created out of a genuine desire to be of service to Railroaders. The more copies we distribute, the more Railroaders we serve.

Frankly, during the past 11 years, there have been times when “growing” from a few thousand copies to nearly half a million copies hasn't been easy. Paper and labor shortages, especially during the war years, made producing that many “Time Books” a tough job.

But you wanted the “Time Book” - so that there was only one thing we could do. And we did it – supplied every Railroader who requested one with a “Time Book.”

Just as we've tried to help Railroaders by keeping the “Time Books” coming, so Personal Finance Co. has tried to serve Railroaders with the kind of loan service they desire.

That they have succeeded is proved by the fact that Railroaders are the largest group among their customers.

One example of Personal service: the Nationwide Cash-Credit Card... an exclusive Personal feature, which enabled Railroaders to get cash at any of the 450 affiliated offices coast-to-coast. There are many others.

We're happy to make this “Time Book” available to you. If we or Personal can be of service in any way, please call on us — The Editor.

How Railroaders Can Get A Personal Loan

1. Phone ... write ... or visit ... the Personal Finance Company Office nearest you. See the address on inside front cover.

2. Give the manager a few necessary facts about yourself. Just phone or come in.

3. Upon approval, come in to sign and pick up the cash.

Questions Most Railroaders Ask the Personal Manager

1. Can I Get a Loan? “Yes. Employed Railroaders can get a loan at Personal Finance Company on Signature, furniture, or car.”

2. Will It Take Long? “No. We're geared to service Railroaders quickly.” YesMANager aloe passes on your request – nobody else brought into the picture.

3- Does my boss have to know I'm getting a loan?” Of course not. When you get a loan here, it's your business and ours. Outsiders are not notified nor involved.”

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