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Today in Johnson City History: March 22

Rebecca Henderson and Johnson City Press • Mar 22, 2020 at 2:15 AM

March 22, 1929: The Glanzstoff strike in Elizabethton had been settled. An agreement had been reached in a meeting at the John Sevier Hotel earlier in the day, and employees at both plants were expected to return to work soon.

March 22, 1939: War headlines loomed in the Johnson City Chronicle: “Italy Supports Hitler’s Move to Absorb Czecho-Slovakia as Democracies Act to Bar Nazis.”

March 22, 1944: King’s advertised Easter fabrics for the home seamstress. The sale fabrics ranged in price from 98 cents to $3.25 per yard.

March 22, 1947: The Lamar community made plans to organize a home demonstration club.

March 22, 1951: “Our Miss Brooks,” the senior class play for the Science Hill High School class of 1951, was presented.

March 22, 1962: The Brothers Four performed at ETSC. Four young people en route to the concert from Bristol were killed in a pileup.

March 22, 1970: Johnson City's new 3-level municipal and safety building was rapidly nearing completion.

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