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Johnson City once considered The Christmas Town

Bob Cox • Dec 29, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Although Christmas 2019 has come and gone, let me close out the year with some very flattering information:

“In 1957, Johnson City acquired the name, 'The Christmas Town.' Each year saw it grow with thousands of yuletide delights. I have warm memories of our family going downtown to shop for gifts. It was truly a delightful wonderland.

“Everywhere you looked, you saw dazzling, frittering arrays of gifts to put under the highly decorated Christmas tree, toys to make a child's eyes grow wide with excitement, beautiful brilliantly glowing lights and sparkling ornaments for decoration.”

“This Yule-Tide, Santa's pack was overflowing with magic from all over the world to make Christmas the merry, happiest and most thrilling you've ever had … so hurry. Time's a-wasting … join the holiday shopping throng now!

“That year, many stores stayed open at night until 8:30. Those remaining open included: Advance Store, Carder Hardware, Charles Store, Cooper's Office Equipment Co., Davis-Mottern Jewelers, Dossers's, Free Service Tire Stores, Gregg Electric, Hannah's, H.E. Hart Jewelers, Kyker Furniture Co., London Hardware Co., Masengill's, Parks-Belk Co., Penny's, Sears-Roebuck Co:, Singer Sewing Machine Co., Sterchi's, The Jewel Box, The Music Mart, The Nettie See Ladies Shop, The Nettie Lee Boy & Girl Shop, and Wallaces.”

That was a very impressive list.

Truly, Johnson City acquired the name of “The Christmas Town” and was said to be ready for the season with thousands of yuletide delights.

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