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1949 full-page “Garden Spot” magazine ad was for a new Swiss Chalet Electric Whirling Clock

Bob Cox • Sep 15, 2019 at 12:00 PM

I used to enjoy reading magazines that advertised a multiplicity of products. I spotted one recently from 1949 that caught my eye with the title, "New Swiss Chalet Electric Whirling Clock. It's Guaranteed at only $3.69, 2 for $6.95."

I never recall ordering one, but looked at them that were mostly in color. I decided to feature it in this column in glorious black and white. Magazines were chocked full of these unique products.

The clock was promoted as "America's Outstanding Electric Clock Value!" The rest is as follows:

"Watch the Rainbow Colored Whirling Disc Spin Round and Round at Time Marches On.

"Think of the fun and satisfaction that can now be yours with the Swiss Chalet Electric Whirling Clock. This new ornamental clock with its colorful and intricate Swiss design, its beautiful molded plastic case and its precision electric movement, will add charm and beautiful to any room.

"Your family and friends will be positively delighted with the striking colors of the painted Alpine Scene, which adorns the clear-view, easily read dial of the clock.

"Made to represent a world renowned Swiss Chalet this lovely clock is unquestionable the most beautiful, the most original and the most useful electric clock ever to be offered for the sensational low price of $3.69 or two for $6.95.

"All the quaint styling of famed Swiss Craftsmen is faithfully reproduced in this beautiful chalet replica from the rustic colored shingles on the roof and the artistic chimney to the latticed windows and mounted deer's head.

"Even the native bird and the quaint peasant clothes of the boy and girl are all accurately reproduced. This Swiss Chalet Precision Electric Whirling Clock is made so it can either hang on the wall or stand on a table.

"Measures full 6 1/4 inches high. It's unconditionally guaranteed to satisfy and to perform faithfully and accurately.

"Don't be disappointed! Do not pass up this buy of a lifetime and be sorry afterwards. Rush your order for one or more Swiss Chalet Electric Clocks today while the supply is still available.

"First come, first served. Just mail your order on the handy coupon below. Send No Money - Rush This Coupon!

"The ad ended with these parting words: Precision Electric Clock is Accurate and Dependable.

"Different! Sensational. Here's Beauty! Here's the Perfect Timepiece."

The coupon gave a Chicago, Illinois address for interested parties.

Ordering instructions gave three options:

1. Rush me the new Swiss Chalet Electric Whirling Clock. I will pay the postman only $3.69 plus 20% Federal Tax and C.O.D. postage charges on arrival with the understanding that I must be delighted in every way or I can return the clock within 10 days for refund.

2. Send me 2 Swiss Chalet Electric Clocks for the special price of only $6.85. plus 20% Federal Tax and C.O.D. postage charges.

3. Enclosed is full payment in advance to save shipping charges. Rush me __ clocks @ $3.69 plus 20% Federal Tax ($4.43) or two clocks for $6.85.

Oh, well, I had my chance. Maybe the math overwhelmed me. For whatever reason, I never owned a clock like that. I would have been 7 years old.

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