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A glance back to a few Downtown favorite city eateries

Bob Cox • Apr 21, 2019 at 12:00 AM

"Hi Bob. I'm York Trivette: I'm enclosing a picture of the Spot Steak House for your consideration to use in a future article. It is dated 1959. I seem to remember that you may have alluded to The Spot in one of your previous articles, but I could not remember for sure. (Good hearing from you, York. That would be very likely).

"I am sure that you, along with many of your readers, will remember The Spot. It was located almost exactly where McDonald’s on East Main Street is now situated.

"And, I am equally pretty sure that few (very few) of your readers will remember what it was called before it became the Spot Steak House. That eatery was known as the Roxy (circa 1941), and it was owned and operated by Carl H. Woods. This of course, was prior to World War II (1938-1939). It was located at 423 E. Main St., telephone 928.

"Carl's brother, J.H. Woods, owned and operated the Bypath, which occupied the building on the corner of North Roan Street and Millard Avenue on the same side of the street and right next door to the Central Baptist Church. The business became known as The Gables.

"The Bypath later became the property of Dick Cox, who changed the name to The Gables. Several different businesses followed at that site after the Gables.

"I just thought you might find this interesting. I really enjoy your columns and I look forward to the Sunday newspaper for that very reason."

Thank You, York. I could stare at that building and admire those old cars for hours. Those were the day.

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