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‘Check the Price - Check the Policy — Buick's the buy!’ was the slogan for the 1949 Buick

Bob Cox • Mar 3, 2019 at 12:00 PM

"Ever since this 1949 Buick made its bow, we've been telling you it's a buy.

"We've invited you to match it — feature by feature and dollar for dollar — with anything else offered to you. You can start with the delivered prices shown here.

"But don't stop with that. Check the policy under which Buicks are sold and see for yourself that Buick means a better deal as well as a better buy.

"Briefly, our Four-Square sales policy is this:

"1. PRICE PADDING! We guarantee our prices to contain nothing but changes that were standard practice in figuring prewar delivered prices. You receive an itemized bill of sale showing all charges. And we display our prices in our showroom.

"2. NO ‘LOADING’ of UNWANTED ACCESSORIES. All cars are delivered with accessories as ordered. We pledge ourselves to add no "extras" you do not want.

"3. NO COMPULSORY TRADE-INS. Selling used cars is part of our business. Naturally, we like to take cars in trade. But you do not have to sell your car to us! We will take your order and deliver your car without requiring a car in trade.

"4. NO COLLUSION WITH ‘GRAY MARKETEERS.’ We will not knowingly be party to a sale of Buick cars to any individual who operates in the "gray market." Our interest is entirely in delivering cars to bona fide customers.

"In other words — you know exactly where you stand when you buy a Buick. What you get — what you pay — all the details of the deal open and aboveboard.

"So we repeat: Check the price. Check the policy. Buick's the buy any way you want to look at it. Today's delivered prices including defroster, windshield washer, back-up lights and dynaflow drive.

“Buick delivered prices can be seen at the bottom of the advertisement for Special Series, Super Series and Roadmaster Series."

Reach Bob Cox at [email protected] or go to www.bcyesteryear.com.

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