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Paramount Pictures described themselves in mid-1929 as ‘the Greatest Shows of the New Show World"

Bob Cox • Nov 11, 2018 at 12:00 PM

The text below is arranged to follow approximately the layout on the Paramount Pictures flyer:


Here Are Some Of The Big Paramount

Talking-Singing-Dancing Pictures Coming To

The Greatest Shows of The New Show World

The Cream of Broadway Stage Stars

Who's Who on The Screen

Come Along! Don't Miss Any!

See and Hear!

(Left Side)

"Harold Lloyd in his first talking picture, "Welcome Danger.” Florenz Zigfield's "Glorifying the American Girl." Maurice Chevalier in Ernst Lubitsch's "The Love Parade," with Janette Macdonald. Dennis King in "The Vagabond King" with Janette McDonald. "The Four Feathers" with William Powell, Richard Arlen, Fay Wray, Clive Broak, Noah Berry, A Paramount Release.

The New Show World...

The Talking Singing Screen...

"The greatest names in all branches of the entertainment world...stage, screen, music, radio...contributing their talent. Bringing Broadway to you. Broadway hits. Great dramas, spectacular musical comedies and revues. Talking, singing, dancing. Flashing with color. Great new song hits.

"A new Hollywood. Screen stars talking and singing. Becoming new, live, animated personalities. Never before such a world of talent to draw on. And no one better equipped than Paramount to fuse all into on new, great thrilling forts of entertainment, "Paramount ... with mighty resources.

"Paramount ... with ultra-modern studios in Hollywood and New York. Paramount, with the cream of stage, screen, musical and radio talent. Paramount, with 18 years of quality leadership, is the greatest name in the new-show world today. If it is a Paramount Picture, it is the best show in town!"

Paramount Week

"The 11th Annual Paramount Week is Sept. 2-6, when the best theater everywhere shows Paramount pictures only. Celebrate by going to The New Show World Pictures!

Soon On the Air

"Paramount Public Radio now, beginning Sept. 21 and every Saturday night thereafter, 10 to 11 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time over the Columbia Broadcasting System.

See and Hear!”

(Right Side)

"The Dance of Life" Hal Skelly & Nancy Carroll. "The Virginian," with Gary Cooper, Walter Brennan, Richard Arlen and Mary Brian. "Applause" by Helen Morgan. "Illusion," Charles Rogers and Nancy Carroll and 60 more. Paramount Sound News. Paramount Talking and Musical Acts. Certified songs ... Talking Cartoons."

Paramount Pictures

"Paramount Famous Lasey Corp. ... Adolph Zukor, president, Paramount Building, New York.''

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