Hopland now off quarantined ship, moved to college dormitory north of Tokyo

John Thompson • Feb 22, 2020 at 9:52 PM

ELIZABETHTON — Dr. Arnold Hopland, an Elizabethton physician and businessman, has finally been allowed to leave the Diamond Princess, where he and many other passengers from around the world have been quarantined because of a coronavirus outbreak on the ship.

Hopland said he and other passengers left the ship and boarded buses parked next to the dock. He said all the workers were wearing biological hazard suits and even helmets and other protective gear. He said the bus left the dock about 2:30 p.m. Saturday and headed to Wako, a city of about 80,000 people that Hopland said was about 30 miles northeast of downtown Tokyo.

The people were brought to a dormitory for the National Tax College. He said his dorm room is about half the size of the cabin he had onboard the Diamond Princess. There was a small window so he got some sun and fresh air, but the room was not heated.

One thing he did enjoy was that they were given some supplies, and one of the things included was detergent. That meant he could finally wash the clothes he had to wear for the past six days; all of his other clothing had been packed in suitcases which left for the United States when he and his wife were pulled from a group of Americans citizens being evacuated.

Hopland said his wife Jeanie continues to do well. She is in quarantine in a Tokyo hospital after having two positive swabs for coronavirus.

One bit of discouraging news Hopland has received is that there appears to be no immediate plan to evacuate the remaining Americans back to the U.S.

Hopland continues to speak out for his family and for the other Americans who are still being held. “There has been a lot about us on social media,” Hopland said.

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