Local runner completes 15th Boston Marathon

Tanner Cook • Updated Apr 19, 2018 at 8:08 PM

Wes Pectol, an area runner from Greeneville, finished his 14th consecutive Boston Marathon on Monday in 3 hours and 11 minutes, which qualifies him again for 2019.

However, finishing this year was a tough task as the weather was atrocious with a 37-degree temperature, headwind the entire way and driving rain throughout the event.

“I’ve run Boston in all kinds of conditions,” Pectol said. “This was nothing new, but I did think about quitting a few times. Then I wondered how I was going to get back to the finish line.”

Of the 30,000-plus participants in the race, 95 percent finished, which is high considering the less-than-ideal conditions.

The spring weather in New England is notoriously unpredictable around Marathon Monday, ranging from freezing-cold temps like on Monday to 80-degree days like in 2007. The runners knew that conditions would be tough during the race, but everyone has to run the same course in the same weather.

Pectol actually finished his 15th Boston Marathon. He took a couple of years break between the first and second times because of his young children, he said.

“This is actually the first time since I’ve been coming that one of the kids hasn’t come along with us,” he said. “We kind of made it a little family vacation, and they love coming.”

Pectol said he doesn’t incorporate any special training for Boston and looks at it as just another race. Many runners from around the country and the world often regard the course from Hopkinton to the city as being difficult because of the downhills and rolling hills in the Newton section.

“The hills around here are pretty comparable to those on the course,” he said. “I really don’t do anything that I wouldn’t normally do for preparation. East Tennessee is a great place to train for Boston.”

Pectol said that, barring injury, he will make a return to Boston next April, and he highly recommends it to anyone because “the atmosphere is unbelievable.”

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