Tennessee reports nearly 15,000 cases of COVID-19

Johnson City Press • Updated May 10, 2020 at 5:04 PM

The Tennessee Department of Health reported 217 new cases and one new death from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on Sunday.

The case count grew to 14,985 cases since tracking began in March. The death toll reached 243.

The state also reported 159 new recoveries for a total of 7,528 and six new hospitalizations for a total of 1,325. Labs in the state reported 9,121 new tests had been performed for a total of 261,869.

Northeast Tennessee had three new cases for a total of 218: Carter, 18; Greene, 46; Hancock, 0; Hawkins, 31; Johnson, 5; Sullivan, 54; Unicoi, 3; and Washington, 61. Two new cases were reported in Greene County, and one new case was reported in Unicoi County.

The number of deaths in the upstate has remained steady at six for several weeks: Carter, 1; Greene, 2; Hawkins, 2; and Sullivan, 1.

Northeast Tennessee had no additional recoveries, keeping the total at 190: Carter, 13; Greene, 41; Hawkins, 28; Johnson, 3; Sullivan, 49; Unicoi, 1; and Washington, 55.

The region had a net of 22 active cases.

The state listed a total of 8,432 negative test results for Northeast Tennessee, 380 more than in Saturday’s report: Carter, 968; Greene, 1,161; Hancock, 92; Hawkins, 1,074; Johnson, 260; Sullivan, 2,282; Unicoi, 341; and Washington, 2,254.

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