City to replace Sinking Creek bridge damaged by flooding

David Floyd • Apr 20, 2020 at 6:54 PM

Johnson City has removed a bridge providing access to Miller Lane from Sinking Creek Road after the structure was damaged by flooding last week.

Because it was in unstable condition before the storm, Johnson City Public Works Director Phil Pindzola said, the city already had a contract with Vaughn & Melton Civil Engineers to redesign the bridge.

Pindzola said the city has been working with nearby property owners to find alternate routes to their homes.

The city has received a preliminary design for the replacement and is expecting final designs in about a month. The city will then send the project out for bids.

The incident has been submitted to the state to see if the city can be reimbursed for the bridge’s reconstruction, which Pindzola said is estimated to cost about $750,000.

At large, Pindzola noted that Johnson City’s downtown area, where the city has invested millions in stormwater management, didn’t experience flooding following last week’s storm.

“Where we know it floods, it flooded,” Pindzola said. “We are pursuing some remedial actions on some of the other creek-ways that we’ve had historic problems, but we didn’t have anything that we haven’t seen before.”

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