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NE Tennessee lawmakers to introduce 'Evelyn's Law'

HANK HAYES, Kingsport Times News • Feb 27, 2020 at 10:55 AM

NASHVILLE — Three Northeast Tennessee lawmakers have introduced an amendment to existing legislation that would increase penalties against parents or guardians who fail to expediently report a missing child to a law enforcement officer or appropriate agency.

The measure is being called “Evelyn’s Law” in honor of 15-month-old missing Sullivan County toddler Evelyn Boswell, and it requires parents or guardians to verbally report a child in their care is missing, has been abducted, or has run away within 48 hours of that child’s disappearance, followed by a written report as requested by law enforcement.

The lawmakers behind the amendment are Rep. Timothy Hill, R-Blountville; Rep. John Crawford, R-Kingsport; and Rep. Bud Hulsey, R-Kingsport.

The law would apply in instances when a child’s whereabouts are unknown to a parent or guardian and that individual knows, believes, or has substantial reason to believe the child’s whereabouts are unknown to any other individual tasked with temporarily supervising a child. Situations where there is knowledge that a child has been abducted; has suffered serious bodily harm, abuse, or sexual exploitation; or who has run away would also be included in reporting requirements outlined under Evelyn’s Law.

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