Carter County, Elizabethton will be back into recycling on Monday

John Thompson • Updated Jan 30, 2020 at 8:55 PM

ELIZABETHTON — The Carter County Landfill and the Elizabethton Street and Sanitation Department will be back to full-time recycling, starting Monday morning.

That is when the new Carter County Recycling Center goes into full operation. The new recycling center was installed in a building at 410 Cherokee Park Drive that formerly housed Lewis Wood Products. The landfill acquired the building and surrounding acreage in the Cherokee Industrial Park in December and the facility has been reconverted into a recycling center since that time. It has been recycling cardboard ford several weeks.

The new facility is on the opposite side of the street from the old recycling center in the former Bemberg water filtration plant. That facility had to shut down in early August when it was put out of operation by a fire.

Benny Lyons, manager of the Carter County Landfill, said the bins to accept materials for recycling will be staged at the old recycling center, in the same spot that the bins had been located before the fire. Because of the narrow road and heavy machinery being used at the new recycling center, private automobiles will not be permitted to drop-off loads at the new center.

In addition to a familiar place for county recycling, there will also be familiar sites for the city recycling. Bins will once again be located on East Mill Street, Lion’s Field and Pine Ridge Circle, starting Monday morning.

Lyons said recycling rules will be similar to the ones in place prior to the August shutdown. Lyons said one exception is that recyclable materials should not be loaded into bags. Just bring materials to the bins in a loose manner.

Lyons said the recycling center will have more construction in the near future, as a storage building is planned for the property.

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