City works to repair multiple pipes during cold spell

Brandon Paykamian • Jan 2, 2018 at 11:48 PM

With temperatures reaching the single digits Monday night and Tuesday morning, the Johnson City Water and Sewer Services Department and its workers have been working overtime to repair broken pipes throughout the city. 

As of Tuesday afternoon, they received more than 110 calls from local residents after the department increased its staff numbers in preparation for the cold weather. Out of those calls, 79 residents reported no water and 13 reported low pressure due to pipes freezing. 

“We have had a total of 15 leaks and breaks,” Steve Harsh, water maintenance superintendent, said. “On mainlines, we’ve had 10 breaks.

“This is fairly normal for us to have breaks and calls about pipes being frozen during cold spells, so we plan and staff appropriately to prepare for it.”

For cold spells such as these, Harsh said these numbers are quite common. One way to help combat frozen pipes in the home is to keep your water running low, Harsh said. 

“That’s the best thing to do — keep your water running a little bit,” he said. 

Harsh added that residents should also keep an eye out for heat circulation throughout the home. Doing things such as opening cabinets below the sink and closing garage doors can help keep pipes below your bathroom and kitchen sinks from freezing as well.

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