Morrison is the power component for SH's spread offense

Douglas Fritz • Aug 7, 2018 at 4:09 PM

Here is a potential conversation between defensive coaches of a Science Hill football opponent this season:

“How are we going to get our defense off the field?” says one coach.

“We have to tackle No. 44,” says the other.

“How are we going to do that when he’s running behind that gnarly offensive line?”

“We need more time in the weight room.”

Yes, Drew Morrison presents opponents with a physics problem: the force required to stop No. 44 is greater than some defenses can consistently apply. The 5-foot-11, 235-pound power-packed senior running back will have to be addressed in the game plans of Hilltoppers’ opponents.

Fullback plus

It starts with a fullback mentality for Morrison, but doesn’t end there.

“He runs 4.7 (in the 40), so he moves really good for a big guy,” said Science Hill head coach Stacy Carter. “He has good eyes and is a strong runner. He’s a load for sure. And he catches the ball well, too.”

If Morrison had a personal hashtag, it would not include the word “finesse.”

“I can use moves, but I don’t really feel I need them,” said Morrison. “I like running over people. That’s the challenge for me.”

One part of his game that isn’t centered on power is catching passes.

“It’s definitely a weapon, and it comes natural to me,” said Morrison, who despite his size has an impressive vertical leap. “I like to go up and catch passes.”

New attack

Morrison was more of a role player in an offense that featured big plays last season. But this year, he should be an integral part of a sturdy backfield running behind an experienced line.

“I am really excited about this season, just getting everything started,” said Morrison. “The offensive approach, being able to pound the ball, sounds good to me. The atmosphere feels great, and I’m ready to go.”

Morrison said his contributions will be made possible by his teammates.

“It’s probably the best offensive line I’ve had at Science Hill,” said Morrison. “They make good blocks and finish plays. They always make good holes.

“It helps a lot knowing their tendencies. I know how they will block and where they will be, and how I need to work with them. Their experience is a big deal.”

Captain Drew

Morrison has been thrust into a leadership role this season.

“It is something I have grown into,” he said. “It’s a new position for me, and it means a lot because my peers and teammates selected me to be a captain. It shows they have a lot of respect for me, and it means I have to work hard.”


When it comes to steadying his course through the years, Morrison said his dad has taken that role.

“He’s always pushing me and telling me I need to get stronger,” said Morrison. “He took me to camps to help me get better. And he has helped me get where I want to be in life.”

Hitting the books

Helping his college future, Morrison said he pays attention to classroom details.

“I always give good effort in the classroom,” he said. “My mom is always on my back about grades, so I can never slack with it.”

The future

College football is a strong possibility for Morrison. He already has an offer from Union College in Kentucky.

“I’ve dreamed about playing college football,” he said. “It’s something I’ve worked for, and I will keep working for more offers throughout the season.”

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