Troyer’s Mountain View Country Market: Your new 'pantry' for the holidays

Mystery Diner • Nov 20, 2019 at 8:00 AM

My dining partner is getting ready for the upcoming holiday season, which means the making, cooking and baking of delicious holiday meals, snacks and treats. She also makes unique gifts, both as stocking-stuffers and for under the tree, and was absolutely tickled to hear that Washington County had a Troyer’s Mountain View Country Market nearby.

My dining partner remarked with some relief on the drive over:

“Troyer’s showing up couldn’t have come at a better time for my holiday season.”

Troyer’s Mountain View Country Market is located on U.S. Highway 11E in Limestone. The building’s red roof can be seen a good distance so you’ll know when you are getting close. There’s plenty of parking space available around the building, and a broad front porch leading to a double-doored main entrance. Inside resembles a warm and well-kept barn with substantial wooden pillars supporting a truss framework roof. As you enter, the dairy case can be found to your left and the “General Store” merchandise is on your right. The main floor aisles are spaciously placed and stocked with every kind of artisan-quality cooking or baking product, along with lots of country snacks (locally-sourced for the most part) and candies. I found some sanded lemon sours candy shelved next to some Atkinson’s “Chik-O-Stiks.” At the rear of the main floor shelving is the meat and cheese display case. At right rear is Troyer’s delicatessen and also an efficient coffee and espresso center.

Troyer’s Ham & Cheese sandwich on country white bread, ($5.95): Leaving my dining partner taking notes on the different types of flour and spices available from Troyer’s vast selection, I headed over to the delicatessen. Due to our showing up in time for lunch, the deli’s noon-time customer rush was just getting underway. Ordering a sandwich at Troyer’s deli couldn’t be simpler. Just pick up a blank deli order sheet and a pencil off the counter out front. Troyer’s was running a lunch special on their fried German bologna sandwich with a bag of chips and a medium drink added for just $6.95. My dining partner wanted a ham sandwich instead, so I indicated her choices on the order blank: Ham sandwich ($5.95), on sliced country white bread, made with American cheese, lettuce, dill pickle and a dollop of mayonnaise. Adding her name, I then placed her order in the “inbound” tray on top of the deli counter. Despite a rapidly growing line of lunchtime customers, Troyer’s deli team had my dining partner’s ham and cheese sandwich completed, wrapped up and ready to go inside of five minutes. At our lunch, enjoying Troyer’s version of this truly classic American sandwich, my dining partner remarked that you could taste the freshness of the country white bread. She was also pleased with how flavorful the ham was without being overly salty. Of special note were the dill pickles, sliced lengthwise instead of across and giving her a taste of dill pickle in every bite.

Troyer’s Beef & Swiss on a Multi-grain wrap, ($6.95): After placing my dining partner’s sandwich order, I set about deciding what I wanted for my own mid-day meal. Looking at the various choices, I chose Troyer’s roast beef with Swiss cheese, sliced onions, mayo and mustard inside a multigrain flour tortilla wrap ($6.95). The young lady preparing my roast beef and Swiss wrap knew what she was doing, slicing the Swiss cheese into quarter-inch sticks, then rolling them, the roast beef and the condiments up in a firm bundle and skewering it with a toothpick to hold its shape. The wrap was finished, again in about five minutes. The roast beef was thin-sliced, cooked medium and quite tasty, while the Swiss cheese had a nutty, buttery taste that made a good accompaniment for the roast beef’s savory character. The multigrain wrap was good, although using a wrap that contained sundried tomatoes would have been better here.

The bottom line: Our visit to Troyer’s Mountain View Country Market was quite successful. My dining partner had located and purchased several kitchen and canning utensils that she had been unable to locate anywhere else. I purchased a pound of the sanded lemon sours candy along with two sandwich orders of unsurpassed quality and flavor. Planning your holiday dining and gift-giving right now? You won’t do better than using Troyer’s as your pantry for a truly delicious and unique holiday season.

Troyer’s Mountain View Country Market

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