Go Burrito: How to be delicious in downtown Johnson City

Mystery Diner • Jul 30, 2019 at 7:00 AM

In June, entrepreneurs Doug and Kelly Carroll did their part in the revitalization of Downtown Johnson City by opening a Go Burrito franchise just across Commerce Street from King Commons Park.

Having been in business almost two months, it was time that my dining partner and me to stop in, welcome the Carrolls and see how their version of “playing the Restaurant Game” was getting on.

Go Burrito occupies the former B&B Produce building in Downtown Johnson City. The restaurant is fronted with a well-stocked tavern appropriately named the Rum Bar.

Décor is “Reclaimed Industrial,” with lots of bare metal fronting rough walls of brick and concrete each sporting layers of tastefully-applied paint. The overall effect is that of comfort and durability.

Beyond the dining area is the order and cashier station where you can both watch and participate while your meal is created. To the right are the salsa bar and self-serve soda fountain.

The dining area has room for about 60 diners with overflow seating in the Rum Bar. Those wishing more involvement with the outside world can use the Rum Bar’s front porch or picnic in King Commons Park just across the street.

Chips & salsa appetizer: While in line to place our order, my dining partner suggested our order needed a basket of Go Burrito’s corn tortilla chips and some of their scratch-made tomato salsa ($1.99).

Later on, my dining partner stated that the corn tortilla chips were the best she’d ever tasted, having an excellent fresh-baked corn flavor, with a correct texture and proper corn crunchiness that is the hallmark of the best corn tortilla chips.

The salsa pairing with the corn chips was also very good; I thought it needed additional spice for lingering heat to make it really great.

Greek Burrito: After checking the menu offerings, I chose the Greek Burrito ($6.99), one of Go Burrito’s signature creations. I had a brief conversation with my burrito builder, Jack, as to what custom elements were available.

First, I wanted a tortilla of credible size for the task at hand, and light on the use of salt throughout. Next, a moderate amount of grilled spicy chicken to which was added white rice laced with lime and cilantro, diced tomato, chopped onion, sliced black olives, some corn salsa and finally a fistful of fresh feta cheese cubes.

Folding all of these ingredients into my flour tortilla created a foot-long and very plump burrito the circumference of my forearm. After a brief trip to the grill to get everything nice and toasty, my Greek Burrito was served to me in a red plastic basket with some chipotle ranch dressing on the side.

Slicing my Greek Burrito in half made it much more manageable, allowing me to enjoy each and every scrumptious bite.

Chicken Quesadilla: My dining partner wanted to see what else Go Burrito could create out of a flour tortilla, ordering a chicken quesadilla ($8.49) and a side order of fresh-made guacamole salad.

The seasoned white meat chicken is added to lime/cilantro rice, then torn lettuce leaves, diced tomato and black beans. You can add melted queso fresca cheese at this point, (which my dining partner declined) and finish up with pico di gallo salsa on the side.

Matched with the crunchy crispness of the fresh corn tortilla chips, Go Burrito’s quesadilla was delicious in all respects, making my partner a very happy diner indeed.

The bottom line: Restaurateurs Doug and Kelly Carroll have a well-managed winner at Go Burrito.

The location is well-sited and conveniently located for easy access both from and to the rest of Downtown Johnson City. The décor is fun and comfortable.

The menu offers an eclectic mix of light, delicious fare prepared while you wait by a well-trained team of stalwarts who do their best to fulfill each customer’s order the way they like it, in a friendly, professional manner.

Be advised that the team can custom-make your order to your specifications. If you require gluten-free, or allergen-free preparation, they can accommodate you; vegan and vegetarian requests are handled with equal aplomb.

Celebrating two months in business, Go Burrito is well on its way to being a popular go-to location in the Downtown Johnson City restaurant scene. Stop by and see if you don’t agree.

Go Burrito

121 Commerce St., Suite 104

Johnson City


Sun-Thu 11 a.m. -11 p.m.

Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-1 a.m.

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