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Sandwich Shop simple and satisfying

The Mystery Diner • Feb 18, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Editor’s note: Sometime between the Mystery Diner’s visit to the Sandwich Shop and the publishing of his review, the restaurant appears to have closed. You can still read his review and see what you missed. 

There is a new place for you to have a sandwich (and more) for a nutritious and delicious lunch at a fair price. Open just two months, The Sandwich Shop is the result of careful planning and hard work on a shoestring budget by husband-and-wife proprietors Brett and Jennifer Cottrill.

The result of their labors and attention to detail can be found in the product they sell and the location they sell it from.

The Sandwich Shop is tucked away in a storefront on East Oakland Avenue in north Johnson City. Entering the squeaky-clean front door finds you in the dining area with the order counter at the rear and the kitchen further back.

The dining area has my favorite kind of tables, made from repurposed barn wood, each accompanied with some surprisingly comfortable black metal chairs. The order and takeout counter has an easy-to-read menu hanging from the ceiling above it. You walk on wood flooring surrounded by bare, light gray walls. The clean, unisex restroom is just to the left of the takeout counter.

In choosing her sandwich for lunch, my dining partner asked proprietor Brett Cottrill how he prepared it? Cottrill said that The Sandwich Shop’s menu was very simple. All sandwiches are made to order.

Start with your bread: you can choose either white or wheat sandwich bread. Next is your sandwich dressings: mayonnaise, Miracle Whip, yellow or brown mustard. Your meat selection is several kinds of ham, turkey and chicken and corned beef. Cheeses are provolone, Muenster, pepper jack, Swiss, and both sharp and mild Cheddar. Veggies? Tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, banana peppers and jalapenos.

There is bacon as well, and homemade chicken salad on occasion. Cost of your sandwich is $5.50 for the regular size, and $6.99 for extra meat and cheese. My dining partner decided to test Cottrill’s sandwich building skills by ordering a piled-on Reuben sandwich on wheat ($6.99), with yellow mustard instead of Thousand Island dressing. A bag of potato chips ($1.25) and a bottled soft drink ($1.95) completed her order.

My partner’s sandwich was on the table in front of my dining partner inside of 10 minutes. My dining partner liked her Reuben very much, remarking that the mustard always makes the corned beef and the Swiss cheese taste better, while the toasted whole wheat sandwich brought it all together.

For my sandwich I had decided on a classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich ($5.99). Brett Cottrill was in fine form, having my BLT on our table at the same time as my dining partner’s Reuben. My BLT started with a thin, densely textured white bread flash-toasted for about a minute. Thus toasted, my white bread was golden brown from corner to corner and side to side.

A thin layer of mayonnaise was applied to the untoasted inside halves of both the top and bottom pieces of toast and two slices of red, ripe tomato were laid upon it. Next came eight (yes, that’s right, eight) pieces of lean bacon fried double-crispy.

With a leaf of crunchy leaf lettuce added, my BLT received its lid, then sliced in half diagonally to facilitate handling. I enjoyed every bite of The Sandwich Shop’s version of the BLT sandwich; excellent from start to finish. Even my dining partner remarked how appetizing the sandwich looked and tasted.

As my taste buds were enjoying Cottrill’s BLT handiwork on my behalf, my dining partner noticed that there was a soup of the day listed on The Sandwich Shop’s menu board was broccoli & cheese, and asked Mr. Cottrill to bring her a bowl of it ($3.75) to go with her Reuben and maybe share some with me.

My partner’s soup order was on the table in two shakes, full of chopped, steamed broccoli florets, wreathed in the aromas of cheddar cheese and evaporated milk and thick enough to stand her soup spoon up in it. The soup’s delicious aroma confirmed a thick cheesy consistency to the soup that contrasted nicely with the green-tasting broccoli buds. Delectable.

Brett and Jennifer Cottrill have made a good start on their dream of owning and operating The Sandwich Shop. The restaurant’s interior is simple and clean, staffed by the Cottrills, who are both knowledgeable and friendly. Yes, their menu is simple, but the food they serve is carefully prepared, delicious and satisfying, either dining in or as a takeout. So why not stop by The Sandwich Shop? You’ll see that being simple and satisfying can also be delicious.

The Sandwich Shop

525 W. Oakland Avenue, Suite 4

Johnson City


Mon-Sat 11 a.m.–5 p.m.

Available on Facebook

Credit cards accepted

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