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The Drafty Kilt: a Scotch Ale for the stout drinker

W. Kenneth Medley II • Feb 4, 2019 at 2:10 PM

The beer being sampling for this week is a “wee heavy” Scotch Ale from Monday Night Brewing of Atlanta. Cheerfully named the Drafty Kilt, this Scotch Ale is more of a stout and carries an alcohol by volume of 7.2 percent.

The beer today was bought at One Stop Wine and Spirits in Johnson City, batch number is 757, printed on the bottom of the can. A draft is an obvious choice over a canned beer.

At times, though, enjoying a frothing beer is best experienced away from the pub. Kinship around a fire in the highlands is a leisure activity written about in both Scotland and Appalachian history. With the number of Scots-Irish families in the region the influence is obvious.

Monday Night Brewing has humble roots. According to their website the brewery grew from a Bible study group that enjoyed brewing. One can only chuckle at irony of the historical relationship between ale and religion.

“We fell in love with the process of brewing, but we also fell in love with the community of beer,” Co-Founder Johnathan Baker said in a video on their website.

It was out of this love the brewery grew. They now have two locations, a brewery and a taproom, both in Atlanta. The website states that, “Monday Night Brewing exists to deepen human relationships over some of the best beer in the country.”

“This is my new favorite beer,” said Kaylani Ngirarois, my fellow taster and fiancee.

Aroma: Malty and sweet, a hint of brown sugar and a few spices, robust and bold.

Appearance: Color is a deep mahogany — one must hold the beer toward the light to gain any translucence. There is a thin, but creamy, head.

Flavor: One can clearly taste the malt in this beer. There is a small spike of hops in the middle of the palate and a brief taste of smokey alcohol during the finish. This beer carries a bolder flavor profile than many Scotch Ales. The carbonation is mild with small bubbles.  

Overall: I am impressed with this beer. For an ale that carries an alcohol by volume rating of 7.2 percent it is very smooth, even creamy. It is darker than most Scotch Ales I have sampled. One cannot see through this beer without holding it toward the light. There is a small, 1/8 of an inch, frothy head that is creamy and pleasant. 

This bee will pair well with chocolate or other sweets because of its bold flavor profile. The sweetness goes well with seasoned poultry; I would stick to white, boneless and skinless. Even a rare steak mildly seasoned and light vegetables can go with this beer. The smokey alcohol flavor will make any steak taste off the grill. This beer would be a nice drink around a campfire on a cold highland night. The smokey accents compliment the cold air and the 7.2 percent ABV will warm one up from the inside. 

Make sure to drink this beer responsibly. One will be feeling the booze in this beer. For that reason this is a drink not recommended for physical leisure activities. It is a little heavy on the stomach. It is a beer better suited for sitting ad socializing with great company.

For more information visit Monday Night Brewing’s website at www.mondaynightbrewing.com.

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