There’s Great Pizza (& “Anything But”) to be Found In Weaverville, N.C.

Mystery Diner • Dec 17, 2018 at 10:07 AM

The Retiree, my dining partner and I were returning from a trip to Asheville, North Carolina, when thoughts of supper and where to get it became the topic of conversation. Both of the ladies voted for pizza; I wanted anything but. The Retiree knew of a great pizza place in the nearby town of Weaverville, North Carolina, that could do both their pizza and my “anything but.”

The Facility: Blue Mountain Pizza & Brew Company occupies a weathered building on Weaverville’s North Main Street, with “Re-Purposed Chic” décor inside and out. Fronting Main Street is seating for twelve patrons. Inside, seating can be found for fifty or so. There is an interesting mix of local and historical artifacts and some very competent artwork that includes “menu assistance,” daily specials and the like. Your fellow diners are a mixture of young families with children, local regulars, and us curious out-of-towners. The staff, typified by our server Christie, has an air of quiet, friendly competence. Christie easily navigated the menu, telling us of the various types and styles of pizza entrees that the kitchen prepared. When I told her I was interested in dining on “anything but” pizza, Christie smiled, saying she liked a challenge.

Pizza as “Food of the Gods”: After their discussion about Blue Mountain’s pizza offerings with Christie, the Retiree and my dining partner got down to the business of deciding just how much and what kind of toppings appealed to their collective taste and digestion. They agreed upon a Blue Mountain specialty pizza, an “Olympus,” ($16). This is a made-to-order 12-inch pie of the house’s pizza dough sauced with a marinara ragu and then covered with torn leaf spinach, crumbled feta cheese and finely minced garlic; an anointing of extra virgin olive oil finished it. Blue Mountain Pizza prides itself on locally-sourcing many of the ingredients they use in their menu selections, as was apparent when Christie brought the “Olympus” tableside. The air filled with the aroma of fresh garlic, from a Technicolor riot of toppings. A halo of perfectly baked crust crunched correctly when you took a bite of it. The two ladies’ “Olympus” pizza was truly “Food of the Gods” and a feast for the senses.

And for my “Anything But …”: While the ladies discussed the merits of dough, red sauce and toppings, I was pondering the menu’s options in the “anything but” category. With Christie there to guide me, I chose a Blue Mountain Santa Fe wrap ($9) and a side salad for a buck-fifty extra. What Christie set in front of me after 10 minutes was exactly what “anything but” was supposed to look like. The side salad had fresh Mesclun greens, torn Bibb lettuce, arugula sprigs, sliced ripe Roma tomatoes and ringlets of red onion, a drizzle of the house vinaigrette a perfect accompaniment to all that freshness. With the Santa Fe wrap, the cooks at Blue Mountain took a simple flour tortilla, thickly spread it with sundried tomato hummus, then filled it with Carolina gold rice, frijoles negros (“black beans” to us Anglos) sliced red tomato and chopped fresh spinach. Wrapped, my tortilla was cut in half and served with honey & lime vinaigrette for dipping. My Santa Fe wrap, and fresh green salad was definitely the right choice for “anything but.”

Conclusion: Though the three of us had iced tea as our beverage, Blue Mountain Pizza & Brew Company does stock a good selection of soft drinks along with domestic and craft beers. Wine is available by the glass or the bottle. There is nightly entertainment as well. The friendly and professional wait staff works as a team so that every table is seen to properly. The food is excellent, locally-sourced and well-prepared. So, if you think eating really great pizza (oh, and “anything but”) is worth taking a thirty-minute drive from Johnson City, have I got a place for you.

Blue Mountain Pizza & Brew Company is “Recommended” by the Mystery Diner.

Blue Mountain Pizza & Brew Company

55 N. Main St.

Weaverville, N.C.


Sun-Thu 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

Fri-Sat 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

Available on Facebook & social media

Credit cards accepted

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