Brew Review: Johnson City Brewing Company's Roan Mountain Porter

Zach Vance • Aug 27, 2018 at 12:00 AM


Since the company was founded in 2014, The Johnson City Brewing Company has brewed its signature Roan Mountain Porter.

Owner Eric Latham said he also uses the Roan Mountain Porter as the base beer to make Johnson City Brewing’s Corruption, a vanilla bourbon coffee porter, and the Thai Coffee Toasted Coconut Porter 

Full disclosure before I begin this review: I’m a native of Roan Mountain, so reviewing a beer named after my hometown only seemed fitting.

This beer certainly lives up to its name, with its earthy flavors expertly representing Roan Mountain’s beautiful scenery and natural wildlife. This is the ideal beer to drink beside a campfire on a cool fall night, ideally in the mountains. 

Johnson City Brewing Company: Roan Mountain Porter, ABV: 6.8%

Aroma: This beer has a layered, cozy malted aroma that comes off toasty and sweet, just what you’d expect from a porter of this caliber. 

Appearance: Extremely dark mahogany color with medium froth retention. 

Flavor: The alcohol is barely noticeable, but the strong malt flavor certainly shows through at first and then mellows out. Bitterness is there but quite pleasant, if that’s your thing. There is certainly an earthy, coffee-like, aftertaste. 

Mouthfeel: This brew has a certain creaminess to it. It’s fulfilling with a medium-to-full body and moderately low carbonation. 


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