How to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in downtown Johnson City

Brandon Paykamian • Updated Mar 16, 2018 at 9:07 AM

A Saturday St. Patrick’s Day this weekend should make for a busy night at the pubs and breweries in downtown Johnson City offering specials throughout the night.

If you find yourself bar hopping to any of these downtown establishments, just remember to drink responsibly. Driving the snakes out of Ireland is one thing, but if you do over-indulge this St. Patrick’s Day, remember to have a sober driver available or make appropriate arrangements.

Here is a sample of local bars and breweries offering St. Patrick’s Day specials:

Johnson City Brewing Company, 257 E. Main St.

Since 2014, Eric Latham, the owner of the brewery, has made a special beer for St. Patrick’s Day called, “Road Bowler,” an Irish whiskey red ale that is named after a sport in Ireland in which folks take bowling balls and map out a course on a road to see who makes it the furthest along the route.

But this year, the brew will not arrive until the brewery’s St. Paddy’s Day Replay on March 31. For this Saturday, the brewery will, however, offer a half-price discount on your first pint — as long as you arrive wearing green.

Barley Waters, 108 E. Main St.

Downtown’s newest tap house is expecting the holiday to be its biggest Saturday yet, according to owner Adam Gratz. In addition to $4 “green beer” specials, the taproom will change up its discount specials throughout the day. With more than 200 beers to select from, Gratz said the specials will change according to the crowd’s tastes.

“Our biggest thing is that we sell a lot of draft beer, and we have 32 lines, so we’re expecting to have a lot of kegs on line. So when some kegs go, other items will be available at discount prices,” he said. “So just be here and drink with us to figure out the next special!”

Tipton Street Pub, 110 Tipton St.

At Tipton Street Pub, there will be a number of drink specials including $5 Irish car bombs, $3.50 Jameson, $2 Guinness draft beers and of course, $2 “green beers.”

Workers at the establishment say they’re expecting this year’s festivities to dwarf last year’s.

“Any time there’s an event on a Saturday, it’s going to be bigger, so we’re definitely expecting a big crowd,” bartender Seth Mahala said.

Numan’s Cafe and Sports Bar, 255 E. Main St.

At Numan’s Cafe and Sports Bar, some Irish-style food will be added in addition to the drink specials.

According to Janine Broyles, the general manager, they will be offering $5.25 beef and cabbage along with $1 “green beers,” $3 Guinness on draft, and half-priced Irish car bombs and Irish Breakfasts, both $3.50.

Since bartenders are expecting an entire St. Paddy’s weekend starting Friday, “green beers” will also be offered at regular price on Friday as well.

“We’re kind of expecting a whole weekend (of festivities) this year,” Broyles said.

In Jonesborough, residents are invited to events including the The Storytelling Center’s Paddy’s Dash: Brew Fun Run, Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday’s Shamrockin’ on the Plaza in front of the Storytelling Center from 4-7 p.m., where attendees can enjoy Celtic music and beers from Depot Street Brewery and an Irish food menu from Boone Street Market.

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