Johnson City Press: Mishap sent set of fireworks in horizontal direction

Mishap sent set of fireworks in horizontal direction

Johnson City Press • Updated Jul 5, 2018 at 8:00 PM

A rack of fireworks that was part of the Pepsi Independence Day Fireworks Celebration at Freedom Hall Civic Center on Wednesday took a more horizontal route instead of upward, but the mishap didn’t cause any injuries, according to Johnson City Fire Chief Jim Stables.

“Basically there was a mishap,” Stables said. “One of the racks had an issue where it changed the trajectory of the rounds coming out due to a ground burst.”

Stables said there were contingency plans in place in case anything went wrong. In this situation, that contingency plan consisted of fire units staged at various locations for the event. He said fire units responded immediately to the area where the ground burst happened and put out several small spot fires in the grass.

“Whenever you deal with fireworks like this, things are built in as contingencies. The potential exists every time,” for something to go wrong.

“That’s why we tell people to stay back the appropriate distances,” he said.

The incident apparently caused the fireworks display and music track to get off kilter, but the show went on.

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