Powerful Expressions of Praise

Jessica Fuller • Updated Apr 22, 2018 at 5:26 PM

Some people worship through song, others through the spoken word. 

The seven girls who make up Powerful Expressions of Praise worship through miming. 

The miming worship group, which started seven years ago by an East Tennessee State University student and has continued through Thankful Baptist Church ever since. The group is currently made up of seven girls and teens ranging from 9 to 19 who minister and perform throughout the area. 

Cheryl Rhea is the current administrator for the group, but she said all the credit for the work and choreography goes to the group’s members. 

“My role is to support them in what they need to do as far as ministry,” she said. “They do Bible study outreach within the community, they go to the Indian Trail (Intermediate) School, they minister there, it’s just a way for kids to relate better through Christ. 

“Their movement is just to illustrate the word of God. This is one of the ways that they are able to touch children and lead them to want to be a part of the body of Christ.” 

The performers paint their faces white and wear white gloves while pantomiming to various gospel songs. Rhea said the face paint helps dramatize facial expressions of the performers so there visible regardless of where each performer is staged. 

This year, the group will be attending an international mime conference in Durham, North Carolina, for training, worship and a few concerts from other nationally-recognized performers. 

Rhea said she’s watched the program change the attitudes and even the lives of some of its members in addition to bringing members of different churches together and helping them learn leadership skills and teamwork. 

“Their ministry is spirit-filled, it’s not a show or performance, it’s truly to express whichever pieces they choose to mime to, to express their love of God through that piece and to reach out and touch people who may not be interested in a song or spoken word and reach them in a different way,” Rhea said.

Powerful Expressions of Praise is accepting new members. Rhea can be contacted at 483-4965 for more information. 




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