Milligan logo gets new look with new name

Brandon Paykamian • May 14, 2020 at 9:23 AM

Milligan officials unveiled new institutional and athletic logos Wednesday morning ahead of the institution’s transition from Milligan College to Milligan University on June 1.

In October, Milligan President Bill Greer and Board of Trustees Chairman Ron Dove formally announced the name change. Greer said the change “reflects who we are today.”

“The university name is critically supportive of a number of our strategic goals, including greater recognition as a comprehensive diverse institution, continued enrollment growth, expanded international partnerships and student recruitment, and ongoing improvement as a quality institution of higher education,” Greer said during Wednesday’s announcement at the Milligan Gregory Center shared on YouTube and Facebook Live.

The new logo includes an M and U which connect to form a book, representing both academic learning and the Bible. The shield is often used in academic regalia and represents Milligan’s strength and longevity.

Milligan’s academic wordmark, its spelled out name in its logo, will remain the same, but the athletic wordmark will now use a bold font officials say represents the strength and momentum of Milligan’s 26 athletic programs.

In 2014, the Christian higher education institution reorganized all of its programs into five schools — The Schools of Arts and Humanities, Bible and Ministry, Business and Technology, Sciences and Allied Health and Social Sciences and Education.

“Since that time, current programs have been strengthened, and new programs have been added,” Greer said. “For example, in 2015, Emmanuel Christian Seminary became an embedded seminary within Milligan, and our first engineering and physician assistant graduates receive their degrees this month.”

The unveiling was held in conjunction with Milligan’s annual Day of Giving, which this year supports Milligan and Emmanuel’s COVID-19 Financial Impact Funds. Donors will be the first recipients of Milligan University items, including a decal and t-shirt.

Milligan currently offers more than 100 undergraduate programs and over a dozen graduate programs, including doctors of education and ministry programs. The institution also recorded a record enrollment of over 1,300 students last year.

Greer pointed out that several publications have already previously listed Milligan College as a university. The Carnegie Foundation and US News and World Report have listed the institution as one of the top universities in the region.

“This expansion and innovation over the past decade led Milligan to be considered a university,” he said. “We stack up well. Just last year, we were ranked by US News as the 13th Best Regional University in the South and the number four Best Value.”

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