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Tusculum launches new program for dual enrollment students

Contributed • Dec 25, 2019 at 7:44 PM

Tusculum University is creating a new program for high school students who take dual enrollment courses with Tennessee’s first higher education institution that will enhance their connection to the campus and provide a seamless transition to college.

Pioneer Academy will launch in the fall semester and incorporate exciting initiatives for dual enrollment students. Tusculum’s admissions team is sharing the news about the academy now to assist high school counselors who typically begin working with their students on fall scheduling as early as February.

“High school students who participate in dual enrollment are looking for a head start on completing their college course requirements, and we want to make their entry as smooth as possible,” said Dr. Ramona Williams, Tusculum’s vice president of enrollment management and financial aid. “We also want to ensure they have the resources to be successful and move toward obtaining a bachelor’s degree, which will open up many doors for them.”

Tusculum has developed the Pioneer Pathways and Pioneer Pipeline initiatives as part of the Pioneer Academy. These create academic-focused areas with specific classes for students to take that will position them to earn an associate degree at Tusculum and ultimately receive a bachelor’s degree at the university.

Dual enrollment students who take all of their classes at Tusculum and maintain Tennessee dual enrollment grant eligibility have no out-of-pocket tuition expenses.

Another new initiative created within Pioneer Academy is a mentoring program. A high school senior who has completed the first year of dual enrollment at Tusculum becomes a mentor to a junior who is just starting the dual enrollment process. This mentoring program builds the older student’s leadership skills.

“We are focused on creating a welcoming environment for dual enrollment students so they not only perform well in the classroom but also feel as if they are part of the Tusculum campus community,” said Dawn Bridwell, assistant vice president of admissions. “Pioneer Academy accomplishes those goals and reflects the high-quality education students receive in all respects from Tusculum.”

For more information, contact Bridwell at [email protected] or 423-636-7300, extension 8347.

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