Carter County School System holds its third annual new teacher academy

John Thompson • Aug 3, 2019 at 10:42 PM

ELIZABETHTON — Although their careers as teachers won’t officially start for several more days, the newest teachers in the Carter County School System have gotten a head start on the school year.

For the third straight year, the school system is conducting a “new teacher academy” for its newly hired teachers. Diana Bowers, curriculum director for the Carter County School System, said 25 new teachers who are just starting their teaching careers or who are new to the Carter County School System participated in the academy.

Bowers said the academy went for three days last week, meeting Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Bowers said it was a very diverse group, which included teachers from kindergarten all the way to the 12th grade. She said there were also special education teachers.

She said the new teachers were taught by experienced teachers, including Chris Whitehead, who has been involved in all three of the past academies, and Shonna Waddle.

While all of these new teachers have college degrees and are very capable of educating children, there are always areas where a young teacher can benefit from some experienced teachers.

There are also policies and procedures in place in the Carter County School System that were obviously not a part of their education courses in college. These are the areas that the new teacher academy is designed to help the teacher.

In addition to the three classes last week, the academy will convene on five more days spaced throughout the school year to provide help in areas the new teachers come across.

That will help the new teachers with questions that they have after school has started and they are spending most of their time in the classroom with their students. They don’t have a lot of opportunities to ask their fellow teachers a lot of questions during the busy days at school.

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