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Johnson County teen’s invention approved for high school softball use

Beth Cox for The Tomahawk • Jun 21, 2019 at 2:04 PM

MOUNTAIN CITY — It is said the best ideas come from the most mundane moments.

Such is the case with Johnson County High School sophomore and softball player, Hailey Cox, who after a day of practice was sitting in the living room with her dad, Tim Cox Jr., discussing how softball practice was going.

It was a simple conversation that led to the idea appropriately named Align Eight, a new product designed to help keep the batter’s knuckles properly aligned allowing the batter a much better, and more natural grip resulting in more consistency in swinging the bat. Hailey explained that the product could also help protect the batter’s hands by absorbing some of the shocks from the bat.

“It does not guarantee better hitting, but it is a tool to help with proper batting techniques,” she said. More about her invention from our partners at The Tomahawk.

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