School board works out new plan for teacher raises

Brandon Paykamian • Updated Jun 13, 2019 at 12:29 AM

Johnson City Board of Education members have recently been brainstorming over funding concerns for the next school year, with the main concern being teacher raises.

At their June 3 meeting, board members said they would need additional funds from the city to supplement some of the $1,146,367 needed to pay for a 2% salary increase and step increases for the 2019-20 school year.

Due to relatively flat sales taxes and property taxes, the board discovered Johnson City commissioners were unable to provide the funds needed. 

“It’s just a down year for them. Their revenues were just really flat,” Superintendent Steve Barnett said. “I hope it’s not a trend.”

With this in mind, board members discussed a number of options to consider for salary increases at the June 3 meeting.

The board decided to remove an additional unfilled supervisory position originally included in this year’s budget and go ahead with a 1% raise plus the usual step increases.

“I wish it was a 3% raise; I wish it was a 5% raise,” board member Kathy Hall said.

The plan, which board members voted unanimously to approve, would mean the district will need to use about $419,000 from its fund balance to pay for the raises and step increases.  

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