Elizabethton students excel at East Tennessee School Band Solo and Ensemble Festval

John Thompson • Mar 12, 2019 at 8:47 PM

ELIZABETHTON — Band students from Elizabethton High School and from T.A. Dugger Junior High School are used to performing at the very highest levels in state competition, and current band students from the two schools maintained that proud tradition at the March 2 gathering of the East Tennessee School Band and Orchestra Solo and Ensemble Festival at Chucky-Doak High School.

All Elizabethton and T.A. Dugger students were awarded medals for superior or excellent ratings.

A large number of students prepared solos and small ensemble pieces for the event, and Elizabethton had the most students participate of any school in the festival.

Participants from Elizabethton High School: Rachael White, Hannah Woodby, Dacey Chambers, Kimberlee Odom, Audrey Holland, Brianna Markland, Kayla Story, Isaac Hurley, Tayla Dugger, Ethan Sparks, Jayden Laroche, Joey Solomon, Caitlyn Glover, Emily Collins, Delanie Hyder, Jessie Replogle, Adam White, Kate White, Malachi Cooper, Jasmine Roberts, Abby Harrison, Evan Darling, Alyson Deloach, Caitlin Darling, Whitney Stricklin, Hannah Miller, Brandon Kaldy, Ethan Horton, Hunter Davis, Caleb Johnson, Patrick O’Quinn and McClane Bernshausen.

From T.A. Dugger Junior High School: 8th Grade: Natalie Blankenship, Allison Brewer, Jolene Stout, Dawson May, Izzy McQueen, Caleb Miller, Zach Allen, Jackson Humphreys, Kallie Cole, Liam Taylor, Lauren Carrier, Olivia Markley, Hannah McDonnell, Lily Vance, Hannah Orren, Emma Markland, Lily Stout, Adam Hughes, Austin Wright, Alex Prim, Nathan Tshuma, Jackson Clavier and Kya Harding.

7th Grade: Makayla Payne, Zada Hardin, Kyleigh Elliott, Makaylah Crowe, Makenzie Oliver, Conley Stevens, Cadie Digby, Nate Hurley, Jon Shepard, Karisse Dickison, Corey Green, James Ruchti, Nick Perry, Jackon Barr, Makenna Smith, Preston Darling, Tori Frakes, Baily Demoss, Lindy Simerly, Laurel McKinney, Brandon Taluskie, Sophia James, Tyanna Hitechew, Khamsy Sonekeo and Ella Edmondson

6th Grade: Reagan Price, Milagra McKesson, Rourke Gearing, Loren Watson, Hayden Humphreys, Hannah Parlier, Anderson Hallman, Riley Demoss, Angelina Battige, Cooper Chinault, Hayden Hensley, Abbigail Saye, Baylor Hopland, Alena Bunten, Aubrey Sparks, Wesley Keith, Logan Tolley, Grace Whaley, Caiden Treadway, Bo Corum, Zack Crowe, Lily Walker, Amberlin Grindstaff, Tabitha Tshuma and Della Arnold.

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