Johnson City Schools to welcome inaugural Hall of Fame class in 2019

Brandon Paykamian • Jan 15, 2019 at 5:48 PM

As Johnson City moves toward its 150th birthday, Science Hill High School will be moving past its own sesquicentennial anniversary.

Since the first classes were held at what was then known as the Science Hill Male and Female Institute on Aug. 24, 1868, thousands of students and staff have left a lasting impact on education in Johnson City. To recognize those educators, alumni and district contributors, Johnson City Schools recently announced the creation of the Johnson City Schools Hall of Fame.

“We wanted to start the Johnson City Schools Hall of Fame as a way to celebrate the contributions of those that came before us,” Superintendent Steve Barnett said in a news release. “Johnson City and Johnson City Schools have such a rich history of great people that helped establish the foundation for the school system we are today.”

Johnson City Schools spokesperson Collin Brooks said the Hall of Fame will honor former members of the Langston High School community who attended the African-American schools before desegregation, as well.

“We want to make sure that everybody is recognized, so we go back to Langston. We were a two-high school town at one point,” Brooks said.

Brooks said officials are looking forward to honoring those who helped the district progress over the decades.

“There’s just so much history with Johnson City and Johnson City Schools that we wanted to honor the people who helped get us to where we are today,” he said. “We’re really excited about uncovering some of those stories and honoring what they’ve done for us.”

Nomination forms will require letters of recommendation and two supporting letters submitted to a 14-person committee to vote on the nominees, and the process will rely on nominations from people throughout the community.

Nominees will be broken down into three categories that will align with their retirement/graduation year. The categories coincide with different eras for the district: the Legacy category, for those who retired or graduated before 1970; the Tradition category, for those who retired or graduated between 1971 and 2000; and the Modern category for those who left between 2001 and now.

The deadline for nominations will be June 1, and the inaugural enshrinement will be held at the Science Hill auditorium on Saturday, Aug. 24. Johnson City Schools have yet to announce the exact time of the enshrinement.

For more information and to nominate someone, visit www.jcschools.org/halloffame

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