Johnson City Schools educator selected among TNReady Ambassadors

Brandon Paykamian • Aug 4, 2018 at 11:30 PM

A local educator has been picked among 37 educators across the state to serve as a TNReady Ambassador. 

Tiffany Hogan, who serves as one of the district literacy coaches for Johnson City Schools, was selected by the Tennessee Department of Education from a pool of more than 900 applicants. Her responsibilities will include serving as an adviser for the department and its assessment vendors to provide feedback on the state assessment program. 

Hogan said she is excited to serve as one of the ambassadors, and believes her experience visiting and working with schools across the district as a literacy coach and with numerous state education initiatives will allow her to bring a fresh perspective to the table when it comes to helping improve state testing. 

“I want to help make this assessment the best it can be for kids and teachers across the state,” she said following the announcement of her new role with the state. 

“I think Johnson City Schools educators (such as myself) can share what they think will improve the (TNReady) program.”

The TNReady Ambassadors program was established by the state to improve the assessment program and allow educators to assist with planning and professional development across the state, evaluate test materials for usability and clarity and review test content.

“State-wide assessments have the potential to yield valuable data and reveal students’ strengths and areas to strengthen in order to better prepare them for college, career and life,” Hogan said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Tennessee Department of Education to grow professionally and to help enhance the state's assessment program for teachers and students.”

Hogan added that she’s hoping to help this testing season go more smoothly after last season’s technical problems caused numerous issues across the state. 

“With my name associated with the testing program, I sure hope so,” Hogan said with a laugh when asked if this year will be different. 

“I think the commissioner is going to use the ambassadors’ on-the-ground knowledge to make the changes needed for a smoother testing year.”

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