John Thompson • Updated Nov 29, 2017 at 7:55 PM

ELIZABETHTON — In the spirit of the state’s Every Student Succeeds Act, several supervisors of technical education met with officials of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Elizabethton and private business partners on Tuesday to discuss ways to efficiently work dual credit and dual enrollment programs.

The ultimate goals of Every Student Succeeds is to make every student ready for the workplace.

TCAT President Dean Blevins, Assistant Director Danny O’Quinn and John Lee, the technical college’s national certification coordinator, discussed the many programs and certifications the school offers to its traditional post secondary students, as well as for students still in high school and adults who are returning to school to reconnect with current job opportunities.

Blevins is chairman of the Tennessee Advisory Council on Career and Technical Education appointed by Gov. Bill Haslam. The council makes recommendations to the Tennessee legislature, State Board of Education and Tennessee Board of Regents.

Another way to ensure Halsam’s initiative works and every student succeeds is to use technology to better utilize the teaching TCAT can provide to students still in high school, either through dual credit or dual enrollment. That was one of the reasons why Mike Lay of Beacon Technologies of Nashville was one of the sponsors of the two-hour “lunch and learn” meeting.

Lay discussed Beacon’s ways of connecting high schools to TCAT content via web-based solutions. Shannon Hopkins of Beacon Technology explained how audio systems improve student performance in the classroom.

Lee said it was not enough to simply complete all course requirements in order to ensure every student succeeds. He said employers are also looking for certifications that show students have not only been trained in a certain subject, but mastered many of the skills needed for a starting position in an industrial job.

The National Coalition of Certification Centers provides the nationally recognized certifications that a graduate can perform certain requirements. Lee said TCAT-Elizabethton is one of five National Coalition of Certification Centers in the United States. He said 1,473 NC3 certifications have been issued by TCAT-Elizabethton thus far in 2017.

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