Science Hill High School beats state average test scores

Brandon Paykamian • Sep 2, 2017 at 12:08 AM

Science Hill High School administrators have a nice report card to bring home to the district.

Nice enough to be at or near the head of the class, in fact.

Tennessee Department of Education end-of-course test data, announced in a press release from Johnson City Schools, shows Science Hill leading East Tennessee schools in math, and second only to Middle Tennessee’s Germantown statewide.

The data, released Wednesday also shows Science Hill second in East Tennessee in English to Maryville; fourth in science, behind Maryville, Alcoa and Oak Ridge; and fourth in history, behind Kingsport, Maryville and Bristol.

In general, students at SHHS scored higher than the state average in all subjects.

While other districts are witnessing declining test scores, Johnson City Schools has been pleased to see the progress made by students at SHHS, Supervisor of Secondary and Instructional Technology David Timbs said.

“I think the most recent scores demonstrate that the tradition of excellence is alive and well at Science Hill High School,” Timbs said in the release. “Throughout the transition to the more rigorous TNReady test, the academic departments at SHHS have kept pace with new strategies, new methods of challenging students and new ways to utilize data to drive improvements.”

The TNReady end-of-course assessment is a test administered to all students in grades three through 11. This rigorous assessment is aligned with the state’s academic standards and based on what students need to know to be prepared for college and the workforce. The scores fall into one of four achievement levels: mastered, on track, approaching and below. This, according to the press release, aims to help instructors and parents understand what students need to be fully prepared for for the next step in their academic advancement.

As high school students continue to show academic progress, Timbs said he thinks the school seems to be on the right track.

“While we will continue to look at subgroup performance to guide areas of improvement for Science Hill, the results at Science Hill, when compared to statewide averages, demonstrate the school is on track to emerge as a leader in student preparation,” Timbs said.

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