Regional Intervention Program helps children with behavioral problems

Brandon Paykamian • Jul 7, 2017 at 10:53 PM

Children with behavioral problems often need a specialized approach catering to their individual needs, which is why Frontier Health has been offering a program especially for this purpose since 1969.

The Regional Intervention Program is a parent-implemented, professionally supported program for parents and children ages 2 to 6 that guides parents in learning the skills necessary for them to work directly with their children. With the help of other RIP families, parents and children learn how to deal with a range of mild to severe behavioral issues such as defiance, separation anxiety, aggression, tantrums, not following instructions and others, according to a press release from Frontier Health.

The program is funded by the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services, making the program free of charge to any family that registers. According to Frontier Health, parents “pay back” by assisting the program in helping other parents in the program.

Program coordinator Ashley Mullins said this aspect of the program offers families an important opportunity to support and learn from each other.

“We not only work with the parents and guardians, it's also like a support group for parents dealing with behavioral problems as well,” she said. “It can be any type of behavioral problem like aggression, withdrawal, social problems — pretty much any type of behavioral issue they may have.”

Families can expect to take six to nine months to complete both phases of the program, and from the first day of the program, families work toward specific goals with RIP case managers. These case managers work closely with parents and families to help them learn and practice strategies taught in the program’s classrooms and at home, providing parents an opportunity to connect and help each other practice skills needed in the second phase of the program.

For more information on the program visit www.frontierhealth.org. You can also find more information on www.tn.gov/behavioral-health/section/rip.

To arrange an appointment, contact their Kingsport location at 2001 Stonebrook Place at 423-224-1020 or their Johnson City location at 106 W. Watauga Ave. at 423-232-4211.