First Bartleby classes unveiled at school board meeting

John Thompson • Oct 19, 2016 at 9:31 PM

ELIZABETHTON — The first two classes of the Bartleby Project were revealed to the Elizabethton City School Board on Tuesday night. The Bartleby Project is a student-planned program to create a 21st century high school. The plan was recently awarded a $200,000 grant from the XQ project.

The two classes unveiled Tuesday night were the Bartleby Community Project and the Bartleby Entrepreneurial Project. 

The community project will require students of the class to find a problem in the community and design a solution for it. The students’ plans would be presented to a community project board. After the solution was attempted, the students would once again report to the board to discuss the results.

In the entrepreneurial class, students will design a business model. After getting the approval of a business community board, the students would spend the rest of the year developing the business. Money from the grant will be loaned to the students to start the business. At the end of the project, any profits will be recycled back into the grant, so it can be used for many years into the future. If enough money is earned, some of the money will be used for a Capstone trip for the class.

Director of Schools Corey Gardenhour said another part of the Bartleby Project is to place a student liaison on the School Board. He said work is underway and the student should be selected for the November board meeting, or the December board meeting at the latest.

Gardenhour said a dinner will be held at the Tennessee College of Applied Technology-Elizabethton next week for the students who developed the concept for the Bartleby Project. Sebastian Turner of the XQ Project will attend. A video made by a great-great-grandson of Herman Melville will be shown. The name of the project, Bartleby, was taken from a novel by Melville.

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