Has the new coronavirus changed your spending plans?

Johnson City Press • Feb 17, 2020 at 6:00 AM

Though China’s National Health Commission said last week new infections of the novel coronavirus seem to be declining, possibly signaling a peak to the worldwide epidemic, analysts believe the outbreak’s effects will continue long after the illness is contained.

Already, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced tax breaks to help lessen the damage to the country’s economy, as workers stayed home, tourism flights were grounded and overseas orders canceled.

According to travel planners and industry experts, many already booked summer vacations to the Asian continent have been changed or canceled for fear of contracting the respiratory disease. Some travelers are also wary of cruise ships after a boatload of vacationers, including a doctor from Elizabethton and his family, were quarantined in port.

Some product shipments were momentarily suspended while the virus raged, and now some consumers are giving second thought to ordering from popular inexpensive websites, because the sold products originate in China.

The economic impact of the novel coronavirus is expected to last at least through the summer, with some economists believing it could impact sales into next year.

With that in mind, we’re wondering how it’s affected your spending habits. Have you changed any travel plans or rethought online orders? If so, are you looking for alternatives? Do you believe the fears of the virus are warranted or overblown?

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