Should Roe run again?

Johnson City Press • Dec 9, 2019 at 6:00 AM

First District Rep. Phil Roe has served us in Congress for more than a decade.

He’s spanned two presidential administrations and six House election cycles. He’s had issues in his personal life that made it unclear whether he could or would want to continue as a public servant.

When he won his first House election in 2008, Roe said he planned to only serve five terms, as long as the people’s will supported him. 

In early 2018, however, after much questioning and speculation from news media, he announced his intention to seek a sixth term to continue the progress he was making for East Tennessee and the opportunities facing the country.

In each of his elections, Roe has garnered strong support from the district. He hasn’t had to worry much about challengers, whether in primaries or general elections.

As a Johnson Citian and its former mayor, he may be better able to provide a Northeast Tennessee viewpoint in Congress. The 1st District he represents spreads from Mountain City all the way to the outskirts of Knoxville.

After the 2018 election in November, the Republican Party, of which Roe is a member, lost control of the House. Because of the leadership change, Roe lost the chairmanship of the Veterans Affairs Committee, a position he’d used to push a number of veterans’ issues important to him.

Recently, Roe said the ongoing presidential impeachment proceedings in the House would not factor into his decision to run for a seventh term in November. That decision will be made after considering his family and personal life, he said. He expects to announce his decision after the holidays.

We’d like to know how well he’s still supported by the electorate. So, please tell us, should Roe run again? Why or why would you not vote for him in the upcoming elections?

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