We're all Cyclones today

Johnson City Press • Dec 7, 2019 at 2:04 PM

On Saturday afternoon, the undefeated Elizabethton High School Cyclones face off against the Springfield Yellow Jackets in the Class 4A state championship game.

The athletes and their coaches have worked hard all year, several years for many of them, to reach this final contest with a perfect record.

With each of their 15 wins, the pressure to perform grew. Now, at the pinnacle of their season, the stakes have never been higher.

Should they win this last game, they’ll bring home a nice state champs banner to hang in Citizens Bank Stadium and a heaping helping of glory.

Right now, these young players could use all the support from the community they can get. And we mean the whole community, not just incorporated Elizabethton.

Don’t hold it against them if they beat your town’s high school team. It’s nothing personal, they beat all the teams they played. That’s their goal.

Healthy rivalries between teams are fun for fans and make players more competitive. For now, though, let’s put those rivalries aside until next season.

You’re not a fair weather fan if you climb on Elizabethton’s bandwagon now. This team has had an amazing season, and recognizing and admiring their skill and dedication is far from a frivolous flip-flop.

You’re also not abandoning your hometown team. There aren’t any other teams from Northeast Tennessee still alive in the playoffs.

Elizabethtonians are our friends, coworkers and neighbors. When they do well, we do well.

Right now, they are representing all of us, and we’re pulling for them to win.

Go Cyclones!

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