Should Trump declare an emergency for the wall?

Johnson City Press • Feb 10, 2019 at 8:58 PM

At the end of the week, the U.S. Congress faces another deadline to pass a plan to keep many functions of the government funded to avoid another shutdown.

If lawmakers fail to reach an agreement, hundreds of thousands of workers will again be furloughed and offices will again be closed.

National news outlets reported Sunday that talks between congressional Democrats and Republicans had broken down, and it appeared there would not be a finalized agreement Monday ready for passage in the House and Senate.

The negotiations developed a sticking point over the weekend over Democrats’ demands to limit the number of immigrant detainees and again the funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border promised by President Donald Trump during his campaign.

The latest reports said lawmakers were nearing an agreement on $2 billion in funding for border barriers, less than the $5-billion demand from the president that previously shut down the government.

Trump’s staff have explored other options for building the wall, like declaring a national emergency, which would allow billions of dollars to be redirected, but would surely face legal challenges.

It’s an unprecedented measure, but the other option may be another government shutdown. Even if Congress passes a compromise, the president may still declare an emergency to get the rest of the funding he desired.

We want to hear from you, should Trump declare a national emergency to build the border wall?

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